Friday, December 30, 2011

between the years

that's how the week between Christmas and New Year is called in Germany. Usually I really don't like that phrase because, well, I think I don't have to explain there is no such a thing like "between the years".

Anyway, this past week I have felt exactly like that - between the years, or maybe between something. It was a hard week for me, at many levels, but it made the little moments of joy even more precious.

Like getting a late Christmas card from my dear friend Anju from India. She made it all by herself!

Another highlight was reading a printed version of M's blogpost. It's the best blogpost I've read for a long time! "Best" is far away from describing it in an appropriate way, but "most beautiful", "awesome", "honorable" and "deep" are kinda worn out and don't do it justice anyway.

Then another letter of an old friend, a lady who could be my grandmother or rather is better than the biological grandmothers I had... and whom I know my whole lifetime. It was typewritten and very personal. The wisdom of godly women can't be held high enough!

Today I feel blessed. And excited about the year to come. May it take me closer to my precious Jesus, whether it brings pain or joy!

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